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Stronger than steel, Alcoa® wheels are an investment in the future. These long-lasting rims are light both in terms of weight and maintenance costs – and pay for themselves in a few years. Everything after that is pure fuel economy.

The drop in fuel consumption was measured in Dekra’s test drive by replacing 8 steel wheels with Alcoa® wheels. The test vehicle was a two-axle Ford F-Max 500 Mega Cab and the semi-trailer was a three-axle Schmitz Cargobull S3B.

With the following configuration of 12 wheels and a total mass of 44T, fuel savings were on average 0.29 l/100km or 1.29% compared to driving with steel rims.

Download the full Test Report here:

Test summary:
Constant Speed test runs (CST) with a heavy-duty semi-trailer combination, based on Annex VIII of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2400 and additional fuel consumption test results.

Test Vehicle:
Long-Haul truck/trailer combination with aerodynamic components
• Truck Steer: 22.5” x 9.00” Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels*
• Truck Drive: 22.5” x 9.00” dual Al torque wheels Kistler RoaDyn P1HT
• Trailer: 22.5” x 11.75” ET120 Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels*

Alcoa® aluminium wheels were tested against two models of steel wheels used on the same test truck/trailer combination. Find Alcoa® aluminium wheel specifications in report section 4.2.2* and steel wheel specifications in report section 4.2.1**

How much fuel can you save?

With this calculator, you can estimate the fuel savings taking into account the annual mileage, diesel price and fuel consumption. Estimated consumption in the counter is based on the number of 5-axis (12 wheels) combinations.

Consumption is affected by driving conditions and the relative lightening of the vehicle’s total mass. The best result is influenced by driving style and regular tire maintenance.

Payload profit with every drive

With forged aluminum, you lighten the total weight of the transport equipment by hundreds of kilograms. In heavy combinations and especially in fully loaded tank transports, the difference can be used for a larger payload. Below are examples of weight differences when changing steel rims to Alcoa rims in different combination types:

You can estimate the yield of the increased payload with the Alcoa Wheels Calculighter.