Examples of use

  • Transport in very difficult conditions like mining areas
  • Heavy hauling like stock loads
  • Tank truck on smaller roads
  • Bus routes

Extra protection to extend wheel service life

Alcoa Dura-Flange® wheels feature a specially treated rim flange that reduces wear and extends wheel service life.

Alcoa Dura-Flange® wheels offer the only solution on the market that protects from this type of wear, providing at least double the life of other aluminum wheels in applications like transit, bus, tanker and heavy hauling.

We tested Dura-Flange® wheels seeing no sign of rim wear even after 240,000 miles. This treatment makes Dura-Flange® wheels most applicable for heavy haul and shifting load applications that cause wheel to get rubbed on the rim flange area.

Reinforced strength and endurance of Alcoa Dura-Flange® wheels offers more performance delaying costs caused by wheel change.

Dura-Flange® wheels are available in all common sizes. Due to this treatment there might appear small color variations on the tyre side. Dura-Flange® wheels do not require any special maintenance.