Benefits of Alcoa Wheels:

  • Less weight – more load
  • Outstanding forged strength
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Longer life for tyres and brakes due to better thermal conductivity
  • More ecological

Great appearance – Easy maintenance

Durable surface treatment that you can clean with soap and water

Now your wheels are at their best with less effort than other aluminium or steel wheels. You can get good looking wheels to your truck, trailer or bus while saving time and money.

Dura-Bright® is not a coating but a treatment that penetrates into aluminium and becomes part of the wheel itself. It does not crack, peel or erode like traditional coatings.

These wheels you do not have to polish – just washing with soap and water keeps them shiny from wash to wash, even after thousands of miles.

Dura-Bright® are easy to recognize from the black Alcoa Dura-Bright® sticker.

The procedure

Ordinary aluminium wheels are treated with weathering powder so that the coating forms a layer on the top of the surface. When the coating is scratched, water and salt have access through it causing eroding that weakens the wheel.

Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels have patented treatment that penetrates the aluminum and becomes an integral part of the wheel. It prevents cracking and eroding which is often seen on coated wheels.