Dura-Bright® / Dura-Flange®

Benefits of Alcoa Wheels:

  • Less weight – more load
  • Outstanding forged strength
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Longer life for tyres and brakes due to better thermal conductivity
  • More ecological

Shiny look, easy care and added protection – now you can have it all

The popular Dura-Bright® surface and flange wear preventing Dura-Flange® treatment on the same product.

We brought to Finland the strongest finish of Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products: Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange® (“DD”). This anticipated surface treatment grants wheels the longest lifetime in harsh conditions. It shares the same shiny and clean look than familiar Dura-Bright®. This so-called DD finish is available for following Alcoa wheel sizes:
– 19.5 x 7.50: (mounting Ø 32 mm)
– 19.5 x 8.25: (mounting Ø 32 mm)
– 22.5 x 7.50: (mounting Ø 26 mm or Ø 32 mm)
– 22.5 x 8.25: (mounting Ø 26 mm or Ø 32 mm)

Dura-Bright® is a chemical treatment which penetrates into aluminium surface thus becoming one with the wheel structure. It does not peel or crack like coatings. These wheels you do not have to polish – just washing with soap and water keeps them shiny from wash to wash, even after thousands of miles. Patented Dura-Flange® treatment adds a protective shield to prevent rim flange wear. With combined advantages of these finish types you can enjoy the most maintenance free benefits of choosing Alcoa Wheels: DD carries your cargo.