Experience forged Alcoa® Wheels with unsurmountable strength and lightness. Our aluminium wheels come with three different surface treatments:

  • DB – easy care Dura-Bright®
  • DF – reinforced Dura-Flange®
  • DD – combination of both strong options.

As additional finish options we provide glossy LvL One® and economical Brushed that require basic maintenance.

Dura-Bright® EVO

Second generation Dura-Bright treatment with superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Your wheels will be at their best with less effort than required by other aluminium or steel wheels.

Easy to care Dura-Bright® EVO wheels make your imposing trucks look even better.

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Alcoa Dura-Flange® wheels come with brushed surface and patented edge treatment. This forms protective layer on the rim thus preventing wearing of the flange. The edge has a two-year warranty without mileage limit!

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Invincible Dura-Bright® protection and flange-wear-preventing Dura-Flange® treatment in the same product.

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finishing technology results in a brilliant finish with a smooth and glossy surface.

Regular polishing keeps the surface shiny. The wheel comes with the same advantages as the other finishes of Alcoa® Wheels.

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Brushed wheels are a cost-effective option with basic surface finish. These wheels share the same outstanding benefits than our other forged wheels: lightness, strength and effective heat conductivity.

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