Ultra ONE® series expands

Alcoa® Wheels product family is once again lighter. MagnaForce® alloy based Ultra ONE® series now also has sizes 22,5″ x 11,75″ ET0 and ET120. We are updating our range of products and will gradually remove the old models from our stock.

The Ultra ONE® series is lightest and strongest in its class on European market. You can find the new product numbers here.

Technical specifications:

22,5″ x 8,25″ ET148 | 22,2kg (26mm) / 22,1kg (32mm)
22,5″ x 9,00″ ET156 | 23,0kg (26mm) / 22,9kg (32mm)
22,5″ x 11,75″ ET0* | 24,8kg (26mm) / –
22,5″ x 11,75″ ET120 | 22,9kg (26mm) / 22,8kg (32mm)

* Max load 5000 kg, we will remove 4750 load rate from our catalogs