Go green and get a new Alcoa wheel!

With Milcoa you can easily recycle your Alcoa Wheels. We collect aluminium for reuse and offer you a new wheel for every returned 12/16 pcs pallet. The freight cost is 60 euros per pallet (VAT 0%). NB! We only take in Alcoa Wheels from Finland. We accept rims which have at least 90% of material mass left.

  • Pack 12 or 16 pcs of used Alcoa Wheels firmly on a pallet.
  • For 12 pcs we offer a Brushed wheel in return; for 16 pcs you can choose a Dura-Bright® or Dura-Flange® rim.

  • Please fill the attached web form and press “Submit”.
  • The wheels will be picked up on next possible working day.
  • You will get an e-mail with an address label and a bill of lading.

  • Print and place the address label firmly on your package.
  • Also print the bill of lading (all the four pages).
    The carrier signs one page and leaves it for you.

  • We will receive your recycle wheels in approximately three working days.
  • We will check the wheels and send you a new Alcoa Wheel rim in ten working days.

If you have any questions please contact us:
Tel. +358 45 185 1485