News and notes

Discontinued product

The brushed wheel 22,5″ x 8,25″ with Dura-Flange® treatment and 32 mm mounting hole is no longer available in our portfolio. This wheel type is still produced with 26 mm holes (88U520DF). The closest alternative to our discontinued product is the shiny double-treated (Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange®) wheel with 32 mm holes (product number 88U513DD).

Information on rim installation

Differences between mounting discs When changing the steel rim to aluminum, the sufficient length of the stud bolt for the thicker mounting disc must be taken into account. Milcoa has published the minimum bolt dimensions required for installation when using Alcoa® Wheels forged aluminum wheels. Some wheel brands have thicker mounting disc than these. The […]

Demonstrations of lightness in RC meeting

Finnish tire chain RengasCenter held a reseller event with delightful partner meetings. We asked partakers to feel the weight difference between Alcoa ET0 and its steel equivalent. The closest guess was rewarded in the evening. The latest metal industry has lowered steel wheel weights so we took and tested the most recent Maxions against our […]