For better cleaning

The highly corrosion resistant alloy that is used for Alcoa® Wheels reduces oxidation to a minimum. Maintaining the original appearance of the wheels is easy with ALclean and ALpolish. The Dura-Bright® surface treatment will not be affected using ALclean if it is used on limited occasions and time. Dura-Bright® wheels are maintained best with Dura-Bright […]

Effects of road salt

With the arrival of winter, slip prevention becomes relevant. 120 million kgs of road salt are applied to Finland’s road network every year. The effect on the prevention of ice is when the temperature drops close to zero, but above six degrees below zero. In colder weather, the effectiveness of the salt decreases and the […]

Forged aluminium in commercial transport

Over the course of 70 years, aluminum rims have made commercial freight transport more sustainable and economical. As an alternative to traditional steel rims, Alcoa Wheels offer many advantages that have increased their popularity among transport companies. Weight saving: Perhaps the most important advantage of forged aluminum rims is the weight savings they bring. Commercial […]