Hero of 2019 elected

The Ammattina Sankari Gala was held in Helsinki on 14 November. This year’s her mantle went to Pekka Lanko from Rovaniemi.

A car had fallen off the road in northern Norway and the driver was rescued by Lanko’s quick action and the watchful eyes of his partner Lillianne Boberg. The car had broken the rail and was hanging only half a meter from the sea, when Lanko attached truck beds to the vehicle and helped the shocked driver to climb out. Thanks to the fire department, the car was also dragged back to road.

The winner was still surprised at the event and praised his colleague and the gala organizers. The transport routes are safer thanks to the experience and fast action of Lanko and other hero drivers. Milcoa warmly congratulates this year’s hero.

Half of the $ 5,000 prize check will be donated to a charity chosen by the winner.