Forged aluminium in commercial transport

Over the course of 70 years, aluminum rims have made commercial freight transport more sustainable and economical. As an alternative to traditional steel rims, Alcoa Wheels offer many advantages that have increased their popularity among transport companies.

Weight saving:
Perhaps the most important advantage of forged aluminum rims is the weight savings they bring. Commercial vehicles equipped with aluminum are overall lighter and more fuel efficient. They also reduce the load on axles, brakes and tires.

Increased Payload Capacity:
Aluminum rims allow a heavier payload to be transported within weight restrictions. Especially in chip and liquid transports, this increased load capacity can lead to higher returns on each transport. In comparison to the steel rim models on the market in 2023, the weight can be reduced by an average of 460 kilograms in a combination of nine axles just by changing to forged aluminum.

Better heat dissipation:
Aluminum rims effectively dissipate the heat generated by the brakes. This is crucial for heavy trucks whose brakes heat up on long hill sections and in urban areas. Better heat removal reduces brake wear and ensures consistent braking performance, which increases driving safety. Alcoa Wheels are up to 22 degrees cooler than steel rims when driving.

Corrosion resistance:
The inherent oxide protection of aluminum rims resists corrosion better than steel. They are a safe choice for trucks exposed to various weather conditions and road salt. Rust and corrosion resistance significantly extends the service life of the rims. In northern conditions, the safest choice is a Dura-Bright®-treated rim, where the clear metal alloy embedded in the aluminum surface structure not only provides additional protection, but also a dirt-repellent surface.

Aluminum rims give the vehicle a neat appearance, which is reflected in the corporate image. A truck can well be considered as the company’s business card.

Easy maintenance:
Cleaning and maintenance of forged aluminum is simpler than steel. Aluminum wheels are less prone to staining, and brushed wheels can be easily polished to maintain their appearance. This reduces delays in maintenance and washing, ensuring that cars stay on the road for longer.

Environmental benefits:
Lower fuel consumption and less energy-demanding recycling contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, which makes aluminium an environmentally friendly choice.

The introduction of aluminum wheels offers numerous advantages in terms of durability, productivity and the environment. These advantages not only bring cost savings to companies, but also promote safer and more efficient operations.