Change to aluminium tends to go with ease

Aluminium wheels make your equipment lighter while looking neat. With forged wheels comes extra advantage in the form of unsurmountable strength. However when mounting your Alcoa Wheels the secure tightening must be ensured . 

When mounting the heavy duty aluminium wheels the thicker disc have to be taken into account. The bolts should enable 14 full turns for standard M22 x 1,5 nuts*. Sleeved nuts bring more mounting length thus enabling wheel mounting also to short bolts.

For dual-mounting Milcoa Oy offers nuts with longer sleeve. By manufacturer’s recommendation the sleeve still does not reach to inner wheel. Our customers ask every now and then why the sleeve length is limited.

European hub-centered wheels do not require strict pairing of mounting holes on adjacent wheels. Thus the risk is that the nut sleeve will tighten against the inner wheel. Alcoa® Wheels long sleeved nut (18 mm) has extra mounting length while being safely limited to outer wheel.**

With 10 nuts the average mounting torque for each one is 600 Nm locking the dual-mounted wheels to each other with the force of 200 tons. Due to hub-centering plus this safety factor the current length of Alcoa nut is optimal allowing the most secure mounting for heavy duty wheels. *** We offer the sleeved nuts for M18, M20 and M22 bolts with standard 1.5 mm thread and for 7/8 bolts with 14 UNF and 11 BSF thread.

Rotating the adjacent dual-mounted 22.5” wheels would require a force of 53 tons (with 1-metre rod). This equals the mass of fully loaded six-axle semi-trailer combination. 

New coating available

From 2017 we have gradually changed our nuts to Geomet-coated product that does not contain chromium. The new coating will replace our old nut types bringing some changes to product codes. These you can find from our accessory pages in


* 13 turns on M20x1,5; 12 turns on M18x1,5 or 7/8”-14 UNF (Volvo until 2004); 10 turns on 7/8”-11 BSF (Scania)
** See the axle manufacturer recommendations for proper torque
*** Do not try to center hub-piloted type wheels with Alcoa sleeved nuts