Why Alcoa® Wheel Accessories?

The maintenance of your aluminum wheels is of prime importance. To guarantee a long service life, products suitable for Alcoa® wheels have been developed over the years.

For better cleaning:

  • Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash for Dura-Bright® treated wheels
  • ALclean detergent for Brushed, Mirror Polished and LvL ONE® treated wheels

Rim gauges for estimating the flange wear

Rim flange wear is normal and happens to steel and aluminum rims most often as a result of overload and underpressure. In this case, a sharp edge is created on the rim flange, which requires maintenance.

Nut covers made of stainless steel or chromed plastic

High quality stainless steel cap nut covers embossed with the Alcoa® Wheels logo. Available for our sleeved nuts with hex 32 or 33 mm. Now also chromed covers!

Nuts and valves

The free-rotating pressure plate in our nuts improves grip and locking. Apply two drops of motor oil to the first two threads of the tip of each stud and between the nut and the integrated washer.

The nickel coating of our valves and the special T-grommit reduce corrosion. Thanks to the grooved hexagonal base, changing is easy with a screwdriver or spanner. It is recommended that valves are replaced at every tyre change.

Mounting greases

For lubrication and corrosion prevention, valve and hub greases are available in our online store. Note not to be used for tire installation. Valve grease is not suitable for wheel hubs either.

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