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Valve Grease 1 kg

A lithium based, water resistant grease that acts as a corrosion inhibitor when mounting/replacing valves. Prevents corrosion in the valve hole area.

It is highly recommended to fit a new Alcoa valve every time a new tire is mounted to avoid a build-up of corrosion and leakage in the valve hole area.

See the Alcoa Wheel Service Manual for more information on
cleaning the valve hole area, replacing valves and valve torque.


Price: 59,00€ (VAT 0)


Hub Grease 1 kg

A brand new mineral oil based grease for use when mounting Alcoa wheels.

When wheels are in service, dirt collects around the wheel and hub area. With the addition of water and road-salt, corrosion around the centre bore can occur. This also leads to wheels getting stuck to the hubs.

• Prevents galvanic corrosion on the hub bore
• High heat resistant up to 150°C
• Water resistant

Note: not for tire fitting use or on valves.

Price: 59,00€ (VAT 0)

Centring ring  for 32 mm mounting hole

– Easies wheel fitment and removal
– Improves wheel balance
– Protects wheel studs
– Can be re-used several times
– Non-corrosive

Fitting Instructions:

  • Clean the studs and holes
  • Fit Safe Centring on all studs
  • Fit the wheel and nuts
  • Torque the nuts according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Re-torque after 50 kilometres

Price: 2,00€ (VAT 0)