About Milcoa & Alcoa® Wheels

Milcoa was established in 2011 as a family company serving as wholesaler of Alcoa® Wheels and truck accessories in Finland and Estonia. From over thousand wheels choice you will find 50 different type and finish combinations. Our office and stock are located in Rauma industry area. This allows fast deliveries to both countries.

Nobles among wheels

Our wheels are forged in Hungary and they represent ones of the strongest and lightest wheels on the market. Through us Alcoa® Wheels has already 25 % market share of all the heavy trucks in Finland. The market share of all the aluminium wheels in Finland is 90%.

Erkki Huttela, the founder of Milcoa company, has strong experience with both cars and heavy hauling equipment. He has a background of various car repair works from wheels and brakes to wiring. Huttela has also worked as a stand-in for hauler of hazardous materials. Versatile know-how and experience has lead to an expertise that allows to recognise needs of the hauling branch comprehensively.

Alcoa Wheels

Alcoa invented and made the first forged aluminium truck wheel in 1948. Alcoa stands for more than 120 years experience in aluminium production and more than 60 years in forged aluminium truck wheels.

Alcoa® Wheels are mechanically forged from one solid block of aluminium. They withstand the most severe tests clearly outperforming cast wheels. That is why Alcoa grants a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty. Compared to steel wheels, Alcoa® wheels are lighter and stronger bringing more profit by less tyre wear and fuel consumption. The new technology of automatized production lines guarantees quality that meets the heaviest demands of hauling branch.

The lightness and durability of Alcoa® Wheels is known in over 30 countries. They are the first aluminium wheels that tested and accepted by all European truck manufacturers.

The Howmet Aerospace Group was founded in 2016. All the Alcoa® Wheels are produced by Howmet Aerospace Wheel and Transportation Products, which is part of the Howmet Aerospace group. Howmet Aerospace’s metal products are used worldwide also in aerospace, packaging, construction, oil and gas, defense and consumer electronics.


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