Once again the Härmä Power Truck Show attracted over 30,000 visitors. Our camera focused on shiny wheels with impressive overall looks.

Puunkorjuu Juha Holm presented their newest rafting theme combination. “This was a common project,” says driver Lauri Säteri. “The look painted by Jussi Säteri came naturally from the demand of the Westas sawmill.”

We also had a sight of Lauri’s own proudly customed truck with showy load.

The new light Karlavagnen from Kilafors naturally had its Dura-Brights. “We are aiming for a lightweight structure of seven tonnes,” says Sales Representative Jaakko Ervasti. Again the wagon will leave the show with a buyer. Ingemar Hermansson from the Swedish factories says the Finnish market has grown with the new total masses of the combinations. Normally every chassis comes with five axles, but nowadays there are also some requests for six axle trailers.

The longest road with Alcoa® Wheels – incredible 9000 kilometres – was driven by Sergey Petukhov, who started his journey from Eastern Siberia. Durability is certainly needed in Yakutia’s off road transports.

Kuljetus Auvinen’s container truck looked bright regardless of the weather. The shiny wheels did their part.

Matec trailer’s wooden wagon was featured with customers’ special requests for snow load reducers: chamfered lapels and rounded supporting structures ease dropping ice masses. The body mass itself is reduced with Alcoa® Wheels as usual.

Kuljetus J. Kivi

Vakkanostot Oy

The A. Weckman’s wagon was again equipped with the strongest: Dura-Bright® and Dura-Flange® combined.