Forget steel – choose forged aluminium

and you will save on every kilometre.

As an option stronger than steel, Alcoa Wheels is an investment for the future. Long-lasting wheels have both light weight and low maintenance costs – paying themselves back in just 1 to 3 years.

With forged aluminium you will lighten the total weight of your combination even up to hundreds kilos. This shows especially with chemical containers increasing the profitable payload significantly. With less than full-load-transports this difference in weight brings remarkable fuel savings over time. With attached savings chart (based on trucks) you can estimate the monetary saving with different combination vehicles.


Please note that the numbers are average both in weight savings and consumption. The difference between aluminium and steel is product-related and in many cases you get even bigger saving.

The comparison is based on European researches that give 1 % fuel saving (diesel) per every decreased 100 kilos. The best results are affected by regular maintenance and way of driving. In test drive performed in Scotland Alcoa Wheels has reached a fuel saving of even 1,7 % with a six-wheel bus.

With Alcoa Wheels you’ll carry lighter and earn more – with every ride.